David Hadas
Actor Peter Gerety
First Seen "Gone In The Teeth"
Seen In "Gone In The Teeth"
Last Seen "You Never Can Win"
Name David Hadas
Status Presumed dead
Job Director of Analysis

David Hadas was Director of Analysis at API for 15 years and was Will Travers' direct supervisor. He is survived by his wife Joan Hadas, a troubled son, Evan Hadas, and was Will's father-in-law.


David worked for the CIA prior to his time at API.

Season OneEdit

David Hadas appeared in the Rubicon pilot and is presumed dead.


David was extremely superstitious. Among other things, he avoided any contact with representations of the number thirteen. His superstitiousness was so chronic that he had a broom on the wall in his office. When asked about it by Will, he said the janitor had accidentally brushed his foot with it, a bad omen to a superstitious person, and that he had to either destroy the broom or keep it.

Will confided in David about the four-leaf clover clues he'd discovered in the newspaper crossword puzzles. He told him he thought they represented the three branches of government, but wondered what the fourth leaf represented. David quickly dismissed the ideas but took them to Kale Ingram who asked him if anyone else had seen it, David replid "no."

After this exchange we learn David is actually Will's father-in-law, and that Will's wife and daughter had been killed on 9/11 while waiting for WIll, who was late that day.

Will confides to David that he missed them and expresses dissatisfaction with his job. As a birthday present, David gives Will a book on road food and an envelope which he later opens, finding a key to David's old Norton motorcycle which is parked at Will's curb. Inside the envelope is a note telling him "drive away. Don't look back, it's time" They agree to meet the next morning where David will explain everything.

The next day David is apparently killed in an "accident" on the train, His face is never shown, but a man dressed similar to David is shown in the train before impact.

Will Travers later noticed his car still parked in the parking lot at the train station in slot number thirteen. Knowing David's intense superstitions, this led Will to become suspicious of the "accident" and to start asking more questions leaving viewers to wonder if David knew he was going to die and had left his car there on purpose, or if someonle else had parked it there unaware of David's intense fears.