Donald Bloom
Actor Michael Gaston
First Seen "The First Day of School"
Name Donald Bloom
Status Dead
Job Unknown

Donald Bloom is a subject of interest of Will Travers.


Travers follows Bloom to a restaurant where he sees Bloom meet with Kale Ingram. Bloom talked of his romantic feelings for Ingram and of the time they spent in Beirut.

He has obviously been involved in wet work for the CIA in the past

Current ActivitiesEdit

He now appears to be an independant "contractor" for various shadowy agencies or groups.


Bloom was killed by Will Travers during a botched attempt to execute and dispose of Will. The order was given by Truxton Spangler to "make it look tragic." Bloom plants what appears to be heroin in Will's apartment and waits in the darkness of Will's bathroom to "overdose" him. Will was surprised, but manages to fight back. He gets a hold of the gun David Hadas left him and fires a single bullet into Bloom's head. Will calls Kale who shows up with a cleaner to dispose of the body. The apartment was left spotless except for one single drop of blood on a pillar which Will finds.