Grant Test
Actor Christopher Evan Welch
First Seen "Gone In The Teeth"
Last Seen "You Never Can Win"
Name Grant Test
Status Alive
Job Team Leader, Analyst

Grant Test is an analyst with the API. Following the death of David Hadas, both Grant and Will Travers were in contention for David's position. When Will was selected, Grant challenged Will by being nonchalant about following Will's orders until Will angrily berated his entire team for their lack of responsiveness on a task from Truxton Spangler. ==History== It is known that Grant has a wife and children. His children go to a private school. It seems that Grant couldd be have a lot better career but chooses not to. ==Season One== Grant eventually becomes boss of team E at API. Will congratulates Grant saying that Grant deserved the promotion long before. ==Personality== Grant is easy to agitate and especially with his relationship to his coworker Tanya MacGaffin.Later through the series Grant takes a caring aproach to Tanya when she gets partially suspended to an organising files.