Katherine Rhumor
Actor Miranda Richardson
First Seen "Gone In The Teeth"
Last Seen "You Never Can Win"
Name Katherine Rhumor
Status Presumed dead
Job Widow of Tom Rhumor


Katherine Rhumor was on the front lawn of her home while some children played hide-and-go-seek; she heard a pistol shot from inside the house which proved to be her husband committing suicide.

Season OneEdit

In "The First Day of School", Katherine attended the reading of her husband's will with his former wife. She was surprised to learn that Tom had left her a company and had also left her a townhouse that she did not know he owned. After visiting the townhouse, Katherine suspected that Tom was cheating with another woman.

In "You Never Can Win", she was injected by Roy in a "brush by" attack, in plain sight at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. This was witnessed by Andy and Will, who were both too far away to prevent it. The disc that she attempted to pass to Will fell to the ground next to her.


The shattered widow, seeking closure, with enough personal spark to pursue her own path. Although frightened almost into paralysis, she summons her courage to contact Will, Tom's ex-wife, and the other Clover Group widow. Bloom's warning is the worst, but she overcomes even that, and shortly after she sees the last message from Tom, she leaves us. She will be missed.