Miles Fiedler
Actor Dallas Roberts
First Seen "Gone In The Teeth"
Last Seen "You Never Can Win"
Name Miles Fiedler
Status Alive
Job Analyst

Miles Fiedler is an analyst who becomes emotional when information the API provides to the National leadership is not used.


Season OneEdit

In "The First Day of School", Miles was watching a news feed late in the evening about a riot in a foreign country. Will Travers heard the television, turned it off, and told Miles to go home to his wife and child. After Will left, Miles turned the television back on and resumes watching the news. It was unclear whether he ever went home.


Often shown tired and seemingly distressed, he talks about his wife and kids, saying that as a cover for his job he tells them he writes video games. In one scene he is on the phone speaking to his apparent wife and the idea is planted that he is actually separated from his family.