• Farnham48

    All Onboard the Train...

    October 16, 2010 by Farnham48

    EP13 Talk What will Truxton do next? What he does best: obfuscate, redirect, carry on with his false flag, white hat, good guy persona. If he can eliminate the pesky loose ends, at least KR and WT, so much the better, and he would survive as head of API, sparring with KI in their 'who knows what they did in the 20th century in Lebanon' chess match of dark brown, if not black ops, intrigue. If TS cannot eliminate the witnesses with real evidence against his treason, then he will simply evaporate into his own safe-house network, somewhere in the world. Either way, Rubicon needs Truxton Spangler, or his like, in the mix. He is good for the story, even if his type is never good for the country. We have all been there before. The epilogue to th…

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